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Luxembourg Location


Luxembourg is a small country but, due to his geographic position, is a very good place to analyze the spread of the various coinages from Antiquity to modern times.

University of Luxembourg.

University of Luxembourg logo In 2003, a new university was founded: the University of Luxembourg, the first and only university of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the small state that sits between France, Germany and Belgium.
Teaching, research and knowledge transfer at the highest international level: those are the three ambitious goals that this university sets from the start. As one of the youngest universities in Europe, it built directly on the Bologna system. This institution offers a range of high-quality Bachelor's , however the focus of its teaching is always on Master's and PhDs.

Special attention is given to research which focuses on particularly promising areas. The academic staff members come from all around the world and work in interdisciplinary teams. The university wants to serve the society and economy of Luxembourg as a place of reflection, and to develop into a motor of economic diversification. › Website

Dr. Thierry Grosbois Dr. Thierry Grosbois Professor (b. 1964), Historian. Member of the « european governance » research team at the University of Luxembourg.
Main research fields : european economic and monetary integration (in the Benelux union, Belgo-Luxembourg economic union, Zollverein). Other research fields : business history, history of WWII, foreign policies of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The COST project is important, because it give us the opportunity to build a large European network where we can work with other scholars with similar research fields.. › Personal Page

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